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Joyous Outrage – Embracing Peaceful Intolerance

Joyous Outrage - not words that seem to go together, right?   Stay with me... Last night I pulled an oracle card, and my card was, "Power of Joy. "  The card invited me to consider that when we come from a place of joy, we connect to our purpose. Even though I believe this, I found myself questioning if embracing joy was the wisest choice when we're living with so much injustice and fear in our world right now. In the wake of covid19, George Floyd's murder, and a multitude of other events, I was feeling challenged to embrace joy in the face of horrific injustices. Then I realized choosing joy is the wisest choice.   The events of our world [...]

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Pretending, Avoidance & Addiction – 5 Questions to Navigate Change

It’s 2005.  I’m sitting in circle with 15 women and the discussion is being led my long term mentor, Cheryl Richardson, who asks the question, “What are you pretending?”  Each woman answers in turn.  When it comes to me, my answer surprises me.   I respond with, “I’m pretending that my life is OK when it isn’t.”     Thirteen years and a 12-year old daughter later, my answer is similar.  This time though, there’s a slight but significant variation with my response.  This time, I’m not hiding in my discontent.  This time I’m not hoping things around me will change.   This time, I’m changing me. Getting Unstuck... How many times do you stay stuck in situations you don’t love?   You tolerate them; [...]

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