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Helping you uncover what’s standing between you and the life you want

What if …

  • You could ask for what you wanted and needed, and actually receive it?

  • It was possible to create total alignment between the life you say you want, and the life you’re actually living?

  • You could feel empowered, energetic and unstoppable?

  • You were living mindfully, simply, and able to let go of internal and external clutter that blocks you?

  • You truly were a magnet for all your desires?

Would you change your choices to align with your desires?

Whether you’re decluttering your internal beliefs or your external space, you have to see what’s there before you can change it.

What’s keeping you from having the life you say you want?

Chris Gipple - Feng Shui Organizer in NJ

CHRISTINE GIPPLE -Master Life Coach. Specializations: Boundaries / Reinvention/ Shadow work / Relationship / De-Cluttering and Feng Shui
Photo Credit: Camerin Photography

Here’s the thing.   We often think if we can get more organized, lose the weight, get a better job, find a fulfilling partnership, we’d have what we wanted.  We won’t find what we want externally.  It’s not about our stuff.   It’s never about the stuff.

It’s about the attachments we hold – to the people, things, or relationships – and what we make those mean.

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