What Healing Your Heart Clients are Saying

I’ve only scratched the surface of beginning all the inner work.

At a time that I was broken, lost and confused about the direction of my life, Chris was able to hold so much space for me in allowing me healing from a dramatic breakup with someone I loved dearly.   Chris was able to help me see the facts of my recently broken relationship, and I was able to rebuild myself through self-awareness, confidence, and the understanding of life’s most defining principles.  I was hesitant to work with Chris at first, but I’m so glad I overcame that fear, and allowed things to flow naturally.  My work with her has not only helped in my relationship sector, but also improved my work and family relationships as well.  I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of beginning all the inner work.  I believe the stars aligned for me to connect with her, and I’m excited to continue my journey with Chris as I continue my healing and growth.  I’ve referred her to friends and family and will continue to do so!  Jaquie, Realtor, NJ

I now feel at peace with my past.

Chris’s expert coaching style led me to accomplish what I thought was impossible – I truly healed my heart and my life.  I was able to use the tools in this program and create healthy relationships and boundaries, and the biggest gift was I now feel peace with my past, and am fully embracing my strengths. Chris provided expert guidance, safe space and an uncanny ability to hold me firmly accountable with compassion. If you want a direct path to healing and inner peace, I highly recommend you work with Chris.   Chris is a shining example of what a coaching experience is at its highest.  She brings a skillset and mastery that comes from integrating this work. It was my honor to be coached by Chris.  Roberta, Mom of 3, Coach, MI

My soul is completely aligned with my heart again!

I was floundering and lost after a breakup, and I found myself stuck in feelings of guilt, shame and the constant game of “what if’s?”.    When the opportunity came up to work with Chris, I took it knowing it was exactly what I needed to move me in a direction of healing.  Since working with her, I’ve moved, gotten a raise, and I’ve improved the relationship not only with myself, but in my work and family as well.  My soul is now completely aligned with my heart again.  I’m not just surviving – I’m thriving!   Theresa,  Reiki Master OH

I’m no longer caught up in the cycle of anger and resentment.

I started working with Chris when I was in a major transition, with lots of different decisions swirling around in my very busy brain.  What I loved most about working with Chris was having the accountability and check-in on a weekly basis.  I know I wouldn’t have been as committed left to my own devices.   Specific to Healing Your Heart coaching, my biggest takeaway is I’ve learned that I don’t have to get caught up in the cycle of anger or resentment.  When things trigger me now, I don’t have to let it anger me.  I can take a step back, breathe, take care of the things I can control, and know it’s not about anyone else; it’s time to look within.   I also allow myself more flexibility and gentleness with those detours and transgressions.   Lori, Yoga Teacher, NJ.

Chris was the buoy I needed to release my fear and guide me back to me.

I was going through possibly the most tumultuous time of my life when I went through Healing Your Heart.  Throughout the process, I found myself in deep resistance over the 13 weeks. Chris was fiercely compassionate.  She was tough when necessary, and real as she continued to guide me back to my own brilliance, confidence and safety within myself.  This work is a practice, and a lifelong journey of self-love.  I’m reminded that every choice is an opportunity to open, again and again and again.   I’m forever grateful to have worked with Chris in this deep, healing way.  Chris was the exact buoy I needed to move me out of fear and guide me back to me.   Holly, Mom of two, CO.