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Decluttering from the Inside Out – Mind, Body, Home

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching + Feng Shui Consults

Helping you create time, space and freedom – one choice at a time.

Are you tired of sorting and organizing only to have the clutter resurface?

Did you think you were over a situation only to find yourself enmeshed and completely re-triggered?

To create sustainable change, you have to work from the inside out.

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Chris Gipple - Feng Shui Organizer in NJ

CHRISTINE GIPPLE – Coach + Feng Shui Consultant
Photo Credit: Camerin Photography

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You crave connection, and are confused about how to approach your partner, boss, or someone else about a specific situation, and you don’t even know how *you* feel anymore.
  • You’re saying, “yes” when you want to scream, “NO!”
  • Or… you’re saying “no”, when that voice inside wants to shout, “YES!”
  • You’re tired of being tired!  You long to feel more alive, more energetic, less stressed, and to *feel* free.
  • Self doubt, self sabotage, fear, and outdated patterns are ruling how you live your life – ruling your choices and decisions.
  • You’re beyond frustrated when you’re looking for one specific item and you end up sorting through piles of things you DON’T want, to find that one thing you DO want? (my personal pet peeve)
  • You’ve had ENOUGH!


I Can Help You!

  • Enhance and deepen your relationships by opening up new ways of connecting and communicating.
  • Feel aligned with your deepest desires by creating a safe place to support your own creative self expression.
  • Take back your power and gain a sense of ease and control in your world.
  • Invite mindfulness, simplicity, and a feeling of freedom by releasing mental & physical clutter, one step at a time.
  • Attract abundance, improve health, and feel a sense of meaning and purpose, in the most organic and authentic way.

I’m Christine Gipple

I’ve been practicing Feng Shui for more than 20 years, as well as organizing since I was a kid.  I have a corporate background in finance and HR, and was led to do empathy coaching after the birth of my daughter.

Now a life coach, I love helping people uncover what makes them tick, and more so, I love watching them eliminate what sucks them dry.

Abundance isn’t just about money.

It’s about Time.

And Time = Freedom

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  • Graduate of Essential Feng Shui ®  & Space Clearing with the 5 Elements, Western School of Feng Shui, Encinitas, Ca.
  • Graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Master Class Training
  • Graduate of Marie Forleo’s B-School
  • Currently completing Master Coach Certification with The Ford Institute for Transformational Training
  • Currently completing Clutter Coaching & Elemental Space Clearing Certifications with Denise Linn
  • Current volunteer with Heart-to-Heart, Inc, bringing non-violent communication to our prisons
  • Graduate of Camden County College, A.S.
  • Multitude of CE credits in energy healing, chakra yoga, Reiki Level I, EFT, crystal therapy, nutrition, conflict management, and many others
  • More than a decade of practicing, integrating, and sharing Non-Violent Communication
  • Thirty years in corporate managing people & businesses
  • Graduate of The Dale Carnegie Course
  • More than 20 Years of 1:1 personal coaching & counseling for my own growth and healing
  • Coaching others on holistic living & wellness, career change, relationship balance and personal growth
  • Years of passionate study and practice of yoga, energy healing, natural healing, & integrative nutrition and medicine.
  • Professional Member of International Feng Shui Guild.
  • Member of South Jersey Organizers
  • Professional Member of National Association of Professional Organizers

How do you want to feel?

  • In your body?
  • In your relationships?
  • With your work?
  • In your home?

In the quietest part of ourselves, we know what to do.  Sometimes we just need help getting there.

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“Christine came to us for feng shui support but what we received was SO much more. She spent time helping us to understand how we actually felt in each room of our house and how those feelings were presenting in our marriage. Christine gently offered invaluable suggestions to merge both my interests and my husband’s interest in a cohesive way which felt loving and opening to both of us. The feng shui shifts literally created changes in our lives immediately. Even more than that, Christine helped my husband and I learn to communicate with more freedom and honesty. Amazing benefits remain with us years later. It was money SO well spent!”
Stephanie Hope Dodd, Energeticparenting.com
“Chris Gipple has been a very instrumental part of my life. Her passion for health, fitness, and spirituality enabled me to look at myself, and set goals for the betterment of my health. I joined her in a yoga class, and I wanted more. After seeing an ad for a Personal Trainer class, I was hesitant to delve into such a journey, but her encouragement and support continued to inspire me along. Because of her, I’m now fifty + pounds lighter and a Certified Personal Trainer.

But even more than that, my personal life is completely transformed. I’m now able to see myself in a whole new light and realized I wasn’t living my life for me. I’ve grown to understand where I am physically and spiritually, and I’ve made soul based decisions to promote growth for a more productive and positive life. I’m now enjoying life each and every day. I can’t thank Chris enough for her coaching and support that she unselfishly gave to me, allowing me to engage in a more enlightened awareness! Kudos to Chris!”

Edward J. Hoffman Sr., Certified Personal Trainer
“Chris was wonderful to work with, and more than willing to tailor her approach to our individual needs and goals. Going through the process of talking through which items in our home we could let go of, and how to reconfigure the space, allowed us to more clearly see that though we loved our home, it was not the right location for our family at this time. It catapulted a process of change that we are embarking upon, and we’re excited to see what’s next. I highly recommend Chris! ”
Karrine L., Mom of 3, Entrepreneur